NumFOCUS: An Approach to Sustaining Major Scientific Software Projects

Presenter: Andy Terrel, President, NumFOCUS

Date: January 24, 2018




Over the past decade science’s need for software has grown but the funding and career positions for software developers has not kept up. In 2011, a group of scientific software developers formed NumFOCUS to answer this need. NumFOCUS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports and promotes world-class, innovative, open source scientific computing. We are one of many nonprofits that have come into life over the last five years to help software projects sustain. We do through partnering with corporations that use our tools and helping software projects maintain a level of governance that is required for such partnerships. Here I will discuss, who, what, and how we support our projects.

Target Audience: Open-source software enthusiasts, Software project leaders, Software developers, program managers looking to understand scientfic software sustainability, scientists interested in software projects.

Prerequisites: None.

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