Python-GPU Training

Presenters: Maxim Belkin, Roland Haas and Ryan Mokos, NCSA, University of Illinois

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


The incredible performance of GPUs has forever transformed the landscape of general-purpose computing. Today, GPUs power the studies of nanoscale viruses and galaxies in the universe, help control self-driving cars and synthesize realistic human speech. Yet, GPGPU programming is considered a non-trivial task because it is associated with using a low-level programming language. Python, in this regard, is on the other side of the spectrum, being easier to learn and use, yet, often not as performant as many compiled languages due to its scripted nature. In this workshop, we will teach you the fundamentals and basic terminology of GPGPU programming, discuss main approaches to using Graphical Processing Units in Python, and then look at several Python packages that you can start using today.


Basic knowledge of the Unix shell and Python programming language.

Target Audience

Those familiar with Python and who want to get started with GPGPU programming in Python.