Team and Affiliates

The NFI Team

The core NFI team includes veteran scientists and computational experts—experienced partners who can help you think through your project.

  • Galen Arnold, Sr. System Engineer
  • Albert Bode, Asst Data Engineer
  • Tim Bouvet, Sr. System Engineer
  • Robert Brunner, Sr. Research Programmer
  • Jennifer Dixon, Office Administrator
  • Jeremy Enos, System Management and Development Lead
  • Cynthia Grigorescu, Project Manager
  • Roland Haas, Sr. Research Programmer
  • Jing Li, Sr. Research Scientist
  • Celso Mendes, Sr. Research Programmer
  • Ryan Mokos, Sr. Research Programmer
  • Aaron Saxton, Data Engineer
  • Mike Showerman, Systems Administrator
  • Craig Steffen, Sr. Research Scientist

Campus Affiliates

The NFI works closely with faculty and units across the university.