Conducting GEOINT Intelligence at Scale!

Presenters: Dr. William Kramer, Dr. Greg Bauer, and Dr. Aaron Saxton, NFI and Blue Waters, University of Illinois

Tuesday, November 30, 2021



Conducting GEOINT Intelligence at Scale!

by Dr. William Kramer, Dr. Greg Bauer, and Dr. Aaron Saxton, NFI and Blue Waters, University of Illinois


8 AM Pacific / 9 AM Mountain / 10 AM Central / 11 AM Eastern for 1 hour.



The GEOINT community is constantly challenged to increase the fidelity and timeliness of their geospatial intelligence. We refer to fidelity that is broad in scope and includes computational models and simulations; data management and analyses; machine learning and deep learning; image, text and audio processing; and a broad array of visualization capabilities. This webinar will discuss how to increase the fidelity and scale of intelligence work to achieve results faster through the use of current and emerging computing tools and resources. Participants will learn about strategies to scale-up software and applications, enhance data governance, and enhance workflow strategies. Included will be a discussion of strategies for transitioning to advanced computing systems including high throughput computing, cloud computing and high performance computing systems. The presenters will describe exemplary case studies achieved of NGA projects that demonstrate enhanced personnel productivity, enhanced fidelity, and significantly reduced time to results. The webinar is designed to benefit directors, managers, developers, researchers, and analysts.



Dr. William (Bill) Kramer is Executive Director of the New Frontiers Initiative (NFI), the Blue Waters PI and Director, and Computer Science Research Professor. Bill is responsible for all aspects of development, deployment and operation of the NSF Blue Waters system, National Petascale Computing Facility and the associated research and development activities through the Great Lakes Consortium, NSCA and University of Illinois supporting projects. This involves over 100 staff for integration and testing efforts for the Blue Waters systems and transition to full operations. The Blue Waters system is the 20th supercomputer Bill has deployed/managed, six of which were top 10 systems. Bill held similar roles at NERSC and NASA.

Dr. Greg Bauer is the Blue Waters Senior Technical Program Manager of the Science and Engineering Application Support team that provides advanced support and assistance to projects on resources such as Blue Waters. Greg is a co-Principal Investigator of Blue Waters and the new Delta HPC system at NCSA. Greg has worked on 10 HPC systems since coming to the University of Illinois.

Aaron Saxton is a Data Scientist who works in the Blue Waters project office at the National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA). His current interest is in machine learning, data, and migrating popular data/ML techniques to HPC environments. His career has shifted back and forth between industry and academic ventures. Previous to NCSA he was a data scientist and founding member of the agricultural data company Agrible Inc. participating in crop model development and customer facing deployment. Before that, Aaron worked at Neustar Inc, University of Kentucky, and SAIC. In the summer of 2014, shortly after joining Neustar, Aaron graduated from University of Kentucky to earn his PhD in Mathematics by studying Partial Differential Equations, Operator Theory, and the Schrodinger equation.